Saturday, October 17, 2009

Holy Hill is The Basilica of The National Shrine of Mary. The Discalced Carmelite Friars inhabit the monestary and welcome visitors year round. Its priceless stained glass windows and magnificent mosaics, boasts a breathtaking view of the southern Kettle Moraine Countryside. Pilgrims walk along the half-mile outdoor Stations of the Cross with 14 groups of life-size sculptures representing the Passion of Jesus. Shown above, we are climbing the 178 steps to the top of the observation tower inside one of the churches. The dramatic view of the rural surroundings and the skyline of Milwaukee on the horizon was incredible. The picnic was wonderful.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Hello from Marcia

Hi friends... It has been a couple of weeks, not very diligent about keeping posts current am I? Well, October is here and in brings the cool weather. We actually had wet snow on Sat, which my BFF is educating me, is snow that does not accumulate on the ground. You should have seen my silly snow dance in the parking lot of Sam's Club - with my tongue hanging out to catch the first snow flake. ha ha It was fun. My shopping buddy Susan thought I was crazy and pretended not to know me. ha ha Still love her though. October is flying by, I can't believe how quickly time is racing past us. I am still nervous about driving in the snow the first time, but I won't worry about that until the time comes. Roy had his matriculation on Oct. 1st, which I'll post more pics soon as I get them from our professional photographer, as I wasn't able to get a good shot from the Court of the Gentiles. That is where the nonseminarians sit in St. Mary's chapel. I am posting a great shot of him processing into the chapel though. On my birthday Oct. 3rd we celebrated with dinner at a lakeside restaraunt called Fshbones, which was wonderful cajun food. Roy gave me 2 ornaments that I was previously admiring at the bookstore, of hand painted replica's of our campus bell "Michael" and the other of the Red Chapel with our shield on the back. What a nice keepsake for our seminary memoirs. Blessings & Love... Marcia