Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Here’s sending you a springtime wish

that’s green and full of fun…

Shamrocks and leprechauns

will have you on the run!

Shamrocks are the lucky plant

three leaves they have not more…

Many people search the world

hoping to find four!

The shamrock gained its claim to fame

in Ireland you see…

When St.Patrick used them to

explain the Trinity!

Leprechauns, begins the tale

little men dressed in green…

Heavy drinking, pulling pranks

trying not to be seen!

Cranky fellows with no friends

their passions drink and gold…

It’s said they hide large pots of it

at the end of each rainbow!

Here’s wishing you a happy day

filled with Irish cheer…

Just keep an eye on your gold

and better watch your beer!

Written & Submitted By: © Marlys

Happy St. Patrick’s Day