Wednesday, March 30, 2011

March 30

Hello my friends,
March has flown by and we are approaching the time of the resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  I am happy to say that the weather is slowly getting nicer, the children are starting to be seen in the peaks circle on a more frequent basis.  Time for cabin fever to end!  I wanted to share a picture of the completed Archangel Michael icon writing that I have done.  See right corner of blog.  My first icon was a beautiful experience of discipline and devotion.  I am already head into my second icon - The Guardian Angel.  I love this prayer devotional that I am being taught by Judy Kaestner.  What a beautiful and spiritual lady!  Thank you Judy!  As we come to a close of Lent, I will be starting an aggressive approach of fundraising for this summer's mission trip to Honduras.  As many of you know, Roy and I have been involved in HOI (Honduras Outreach International) for the past 4 years.  This year our daughter Heather will be joining the group for the first time.  I am so excited to share this experience with her.  Many of you have been a tremendous support to us already in many ways.  If I can impose upon your generosity one more time, and if you feel the call to support global mission, please let me know.  There are so many needs to consider.  We are looking for individuals that can make a tax deductible donation to help defer the travel expenses ($1500 per person), we are looking for individuals that would be committed to intercessory prayer for the group and/or individual missionaries,  those that wish to write letters for us to take and distribute while away from home, and first aid supply donations.  Last year we collected band aids, gauze, neosporin, tums, Tylenol, and antiseptic wipes and put together 100 miniature first aid kits to distribute in the village.  If you would like to contribute please let me know and I will give you details on how.  You can comment, email me at, or facebook me.  We will be collecting the first aid supplies all during the month of April/May so please consider.  Also, if you have unused medications that you are no longer in need of - maybe your prescription has changed, I would be happy to take that medication off your medicine shelf and donate to the clinic in desperate need of medication in Honduras. 

Roy is doing well in seminary.  He took a midterm today that we was confident about.  He is the upcoming senior chapel scholar so he has been busy completing the ROTA for Holy Week among other chapel scholar duties.  He is active in his field work duties at Zion - he is preaching again on Sunday. 

Heather is doing well.  She is still horseback riding, just started driving school, and trying to keep a positive attitude about the drama of high school.  :-) I am sure you all remember those days.  She is active in acolyting at Zion and has helped host a family visiting Nashotah with a teenager about her age.  It helps soften the blow so to speak when a teen can let a new teen know that life isn't over when you come to "The House".  A point that a good friend said in a recent sermon was "The good news is, we live in community.  The bad news is we live in community."  Those words are so true.  The good thing is everyone knows everything - we support each other when in need, we pray for the sick (some mighty healing has happened here), we cook meals for those that have had surgery or illness, and we look out for each other.  The bad thing is - everyone knows everything... lol we don't need to give examples there, lets just say "there are no secrets at Nashotah House".

Now that I am figuring out how to blog from my phone, I will keep you posted with more pictures and "on the spot" news.  I love you and look forward to seeing all our friends and family back home very soon.


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