Monday, September 7, 2009

Time for sharing...

Life at the house has been interesting indeed. Each day is inspired with a new experience and renewal of awareness of God's presence in nature. I'm adding pictures of a cardinal sitting in the bird feeder right outside my kitchen window. The flowers in the garden are beautiful, and just today we saw some first signs of fall in the trees. Red leaves are beginning to show themselves. We spent a lovely day today picking apples in the trees out by the barn. When we got home, our neighbor shared her handy corer/peeler device which made peeling and preparing all the apples a cinch! I put them in a crock pot and hope for a delicious applesauce by morning. The women/spouses have organized small group meetings, which I have fit into nicely and enjoy getting to know others. We meet every Wednesday evening for prayer, bonding, support, and learning techniques for winterizing (for us southern women) from the seasoned campus ladies. I have gone back to work, remotely with my company from home. Praise God for this!! Having the offer call from my AVP was the biggest sigh of relief I've ever known. I was moved to tears. Not only for not having to worry about job hunting upon my arrival, but the relief of knowing I didn't have to drive in the snow in the winter. The community is very encouraging and helpful. I will also share some photo's of our ice cream social. Many a night, while the weather holds out, we gather together in the circle for grilling, volleyball, a bonfire or just to talk. I have tried out for Chapel Choir and look forward to singing at several events on campus as well as doing alittle to help with the financial scholarship toward Roy's tuition. We have been blessed with the ongoing support that many have sent to Nashotah that have been applied to his account for books and tuition as well. Every penny helps! The first semester booklist was astounding to say the least, but he has what he needs now, thanks to you and our Lord. With the changing of the leaves that I described above, we are now thinking about preparing for weather changes. Scarves, gloves, and all the winterizing will begin soon. Well enough for now... Miss you all... Love, Marcia

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  1. Sounds like you guys are having fun. I am so excited for you, Roy and Heather. Kim and Jimmy say hi!