Saturday, August 29, 2009

Roy's Thoughts

We have been at Nashotah House for more than 2 weeks now, and I am so blessed to be in such a loving and generous place. I finished orientation on Friday, and have made so many great friends already. We have finished unpacking boxes for the most part, and our townhouse is starting to feel like home. It's amazing how hanging pictures and such on the walls changes the entire atmosphere of a house, and makes it home. Our family has grown closer in so many ways over the past month. Marcia and I go to Chapel every morning, and Heather has made some great friends and is adjusting better than I could have ever imagined. We are searching for a church we all feel comfortable in, since Nashotah House doesn't have a service on Sunday morning in hopes that it will give us a chance to experience the surrounding area and meet other people.

I have already made many great friends, and it is sometimes hard to believe we have only been here a few weeks. The genuine care and concern the community has shown to and for us has been overwhelming at times. It is so unlike the the typical world, and would be unbelievable unless one experienced it first hand. An example is, one of my brothers called me to the side on Thursday evening and asked to pray with me because he felt he needed to pray for my family and our financial situation. He, like everyone else here, has only known me a short time, and yet there is already this bond and relationship that connects us on a personal and spiritual level. Of course, the exception is my brother Bryan, who has helped my family and I in so many ways since we arrived at The House.

I realize also that as I use the term brother for my brothers here at The House, my brother Rob has been truly amazing in supporting me through this transition. It isn't only the financial aspects Rob has helped me in (though those are significant and greatly appreciated more than I could ever repay), but also the love he has shown for me and my family. One of the hardest days in my life was saying good-bye to my brother when we left Florida; even if only for three years. I look forward to seeing him soon, though I too would probably pick lobster fishing in the Keys over a trip to Wisconsin! :)

Our church family, Holy Trinity, has also been so supportive of us. Their prayer and financial support continue to reassure us of why we are here. My friend, Marcus, also set-up a Seminarian Fund through SunTrust bank. Marcus has been a best friend to me over the years, and in speaking with him last evening, made me realize just how blessed I am to have people like him and my friends at St. Andrew's Presbyterian in my life!

Aside from orientation this past week, my days have consisted of spending time with our new friends in community at bonfires, having cook-outs, playing volleyball, and getting to know each other before everyone hibernates for the winter! Marcia, Heather, and I drove to Madison today and went to a Farmer's Market that wrapped around the entire Capital Building. Afterward, we went to the Henry Vilas Zoo and had a great time looking at the animals and taking pictures. Marcia drove so I could study Greek and read one of many books in my line-up for the first semester. We are trying to find ways to do things together that also allow me the time to get my reading and writing in. More on that, once the semester actually begins!

I should find out about my work scholarship position in the next week or so, and I'm sure we will also be given our work crew assignments in the near future, too. My days will consist of Chapel at 8am, breakfast, 5 classes per semester, work crew once a week (maintaining the campus), our work scholarship assignments, Chapel at 4:30pm, training for Chapel during the week, an advisory group meeting during the week, and various other assignments I'm sure I'll find out about once classes officially begin. I am prayerful that He will provide the time for homework and family somewhere in the midst of what seems to be controlled chaos at the moment. The Benedictine lifestyle holds everyone accountable for more than just their studies, and that's what makes our community a family. Though the lifestyle is unlike any other seminary, I know the Nashotah House lifestyle (along with other things) is what drew me and my family here. Hopefully, some of our family and friends will get a chance to come visit us and experience it for themselves! :)

Until next time, God's Peace and Blessings +

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  1. Thanks for the update Roy. We are blessed to know you and your family and remember you every night during Jimmy's prayers.

    My medical tests are all coming back good, and what has been found isn't serious and easily treatable.

    We miss you but are excited to hear how well you are settling in there. God's blessing on you and your family.
    John, Kim, Jimmy, Snoopy and Smoke