Wednesday, August 19, 2009

All moved in...

The travel was exciting... auto train on Aug. 3rd from Sanford to Lorton, VA was fun. Once we arrived and checked in with Uncle Don and Aunt Judy at the campground, we relaxed and enjoyed the company of family. We slept in Cabin #3 (violet) for 2 nights at the KOA campground, equipped with their own outdoor swim park. On August 5th we took the Metro to Washington, D.C. and toured the city. The history and sites were amazing. We watched the changing of the guard at Arlington Cemetary, went to see the Lincoln Memorial, Washington Monument, Smithsonian Institute, Capitol Building, White House, WWII Memorial Garden, Vietnam Memorial Wall, and the Washington National Episcopal Cathedral. The Cathedral was a building of awe and reverance. The gargoyles completed the architecture of the beautiful building. Aug. 5th after a morning at the waterpark at the campground, we then drove to New Jersey and stayed at the airport Wyndam Hotel. Early the next morning we took a train to Manhattan and spent the day touring New York City. After a long day of adventure and family time we went back to the hotel and got a good nights rest to prepare for the 12 hour trip to Ohio. We arrived in Ohio on Saturday night Aug. 8th and spent 2 nights with Uncle Dan and Aunt Sarah. Again spending quality time with family. Then we went to Indiana and spent the next 3 nights with my life long friend Tina and her family.

Aug 13th it was time to head "home" to Wisconsin. The 6.5 hour drive was pleasant and uneventful. As we got in to Oconomowoc we went straight to Heather's school for registration. This lasted a couple of hours with quite a bit of chaos and excited chatter of noisy students. We then rolled onto the Nashotah House Campus at around 5:30pm. The PODS were there waiting, but we still could not sleep in our own bed just yet. We spent the first night with our good friends the O'Carrolls and obtained permission first thing Friday morning to MOVE IN. The seminarians all arrived to help unload the PODS. What a blessing for a strong hand!

Today is Wednesday Aug. 19th and I am happy to say we are officially moved in. I pondered the thought this morning as Roy and I were riding our bikes to chapel, how sureal the atmosphere is. Can riding our bikes to chapel everyday along with others either on their way to chapel or to work be for real? Scholars sit on benches scattered throughout the campus reading, the majestic trees and grounds are enchanting. This afternoon Heather and I rode to the lake and joined friends swimming. The weather has been beautiful enough to eat outside every evening.

We will post pictures soon. I hope you enjoy all of our thoughts and moments on this blog. I will encourage Roy and Heather to sign on soon as well. Keep in touch and we miss you all. Marcia

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  1. Wow, that sounds like fun. I hope I can take Kim and Jimmy to see the capital one day. And I'm jealous you got to ride the train. I love the train!