Sunday, January 17, 2010

Time of Reflection

My first semester has come and gone, and though it required more reading than I've probably done in my entire lifetime, it goes without saying that I could not have done this without my family supporting me.  Living life in "community" has proved to be challenging at times, but also very rewarding at others.  We were able to get away from campus as a family a couple of times throughout the semester, and just recently returned home from visiting our family in FL over the Christmas holiday.  We have been supported by so many people through prayer and their generous support, and I have been especially humbled by the support we have received from people we don't even know.  Though our finances are very tight, God provides for us in ways we could never plan or attempt to explain except through our faith.  Marcia works very hard at her job (which is itself a blessing) and Heather has done great at adjusting to life here, which has made this transition a great experience for our family. 
Going home for Christmas was a great break from Nashotah House.  As with any vacation, it seems that you don't get to see everyone you wanted, and also don't get to spend as much time as you would like with those you do see.  My brother, Rob, was very generous in giving us a place to stay and cars to drive while we were in town, and he has some great friends who welcomed us to be a part of their holiday, too.  My Mom and Wil celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary, and Marcia and I spent an evening at a hotel on John's Pass (thanks to my Mom).  We also got to see Stephanie and Cristina before their European vacation, had a great time visitng with Marcus and Ginny, our friends from St. Andrew's Presbyterian, and with Fr. Joe and Jan.  We also had a great time with Marcia's family.  Overall, we all had a great time visiting with our family and friends, and hope to get back to FL again soon (hopefully the weather will be warmer next time! LOL).
I just completed an express class last week, which consisted of one class for 8 hours a day over 5 days, and I am looking forward to the beginning of the next semester on the 27th. Thank you so much for your prayers and support.

Love, Roy

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