Thursday, December 17, 2009

Hierachy of the birds

Today at lunch, I sit and watch out the kitchen window in amazement of the birds that still come to the birdfeeder.  Even though I have to clean out the piled snow in the tray from time to time, the birds still come and feast on the treats that await them in the feeder.  My favorite red cardinal, whom squawks at me when the food tray is empty, is now fat with storing up for food for winter.  Why hog it all I wonder, I'll have the food there for you when you want it.  :)  But he is getting fatter and fatter.  The blue jays come as well, the colors are so beautiful in contrast to the snowy background.  The finches come in flocks.  Sometimes they swarm me when I come out to refill the feeder.  The big man on the totem pole however, is the woodpecker.  Whenever Mr. Woodpecker comes close to the feeder or even on any branch on the tree, all the other birds scatter.  They know who is the strongest. There is always a "pecking order" in life.

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