Tuesday, December 8, 2009

First Winter Storm

The night before Roy's birthday, I started decorating the campus for his surprise, needless did I know, that little snow flurry I told you about did not stop.  Our first accumulated snow was awaiting him for a birthday present on Dec 4th and has not stopped yet.  Each day we have had alittle more and alittle more accumulation.  I shoveled my first walk during my lunch break, then the plows come through to clear the campus lots and roads.  While I was at work in the basement, I heard this load rumbling above and couldn't figure out what it was.  Lo and behold, when I looked outside to the winter wonderland and saw the roads were clear, I got alittle courage.  I took a spin (not literally thankfully) to the gas station to fill up and drop off some Christmas cards at the post office.  Not bad.  Upon my return home, the kids were in the circle building a snowman.  I had to check out the activities.  I pitched in and helped hoist the large balls they were rolling in the snow to make the body and head.  As they were putting finishing touches on it, 5 year old Wil said - I have to make a manger here in front.  So a snow manger was made as well.  I asked, then this snowperson must be Mary then?  He said yes, we must have Mary and baby Jesus.  ahhhh "He is his father's child" Melissa said...  from the mouths of babes.   As the day wore on and the snow starts to come down harder, we are hearing winter blizzard warnings on the news.  Have to keep an eye on internet news alerts, as we still do not have local t.v. stations for such information.   Not to fear, we do have a weather alert radio, that will come on in emergencies.  Heather is hoping for a snow day tomorrow.  Her teacher was very surprised when she asked "how will I know if I don't have t.v." .  The teacher thought she was pulling her leg.  ha ha   Tomorrow night we have a prospective student from FL visiting.  The Morris family will be arriving just in time to "experience Nashotah".   Thursday, Roy and I will be performing in the community choir for Advent and Carols.  Very exciting.  The feel of the cassock and surplus doesn't seem to adjust quiet as fitting on me as it does on Roy,  however.  Enjoy your sunshine, whereever you may be.  I am learning so many things in this new climate!  So far, still fun.  Enjoy the brisk photo's.  Will post a picture of snow Mary tomorrow.  Staying warm in Nashotah... Marcia

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