Friday, August 27, 2010


TGIF!  Last night the community pig roast was a great get together.  Fellowship with new students and sharing of summer experiences with returning students was enjoyed by all.  We have lots of children on campus now!  WOW - the kids had a great time running around and getting acquainted with new pals while parents tried to coax them into sitting still for a moment to eat.  After the pig roast, many of us went to LeDuc's for frozen custard.  Everyone is anticipating school to start/resume next week.  I am anxious as well with a full plate.  Work is going well, I am excited to be learning a promoted role of Lead Operation Specialist.  I am working with our Corporate Director of Operations, assisting her in updating system tools for our production team.  Not much new to tell, but would like to share today's Day by Day devotional:

  "In both his background and in the content of his teaching and preaching, Jesus was not what people were expecting in a Messiah. 
  On the last day of the feast of the Tabernacles, where water ceremonies and prayers for rain had been offered, Jesus spoke of himself as the source of water from heaven. Let anyone who is thirsty come to me. he said (John7:37) These words divided the people and created enough of a disturbance to merit the calling of the temple police.
  Still, in the church today there are many issues that would divide us and bring us into conflict.  The ministry of Jesus, Galilean carpenter - who healed on the Sabbath and spoke of himself as the bread of life and source of water from heaven - reminds us that our expectations and presuppositions can be wrong, just as many were wrong in Jesus' day about him.
  Today let us examine our prejudices, our expectations of others, and our biasis; and may we drink deeply of Christ's compassion for all."

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