Friday, February 4, 2011


Well, if you hadn't heard already this past week has been very exciting for us.  Almost immediately upon Roy and the Malawi mission team's arrival home we went into blizzard mode.  At least they made it home with minimal delay.  This past week we have had not only about 12 - 15 inches of snow accumulation we've had severe wind gusts that is moving the snow in crazy directions.  On Wednesday morning we woke up to about 2 foot of snow up against the front door.  Digging out was kinda crazy.  The snow plows have been trying to keep the roads clear, but it has been a challenging job.  The piles they are leaving are taller than vehicles and almost reaching roof top heights.  Driving through campus is interesting.  It is like driving through a corn maze.  Only enough room plowed basically for maneuvering one vehicle down the road.  It has been crazy cold.

Heather on the other hand is on a plane headed to Florida for Happening #65.  I can only attribute this wonderful opportunity to the awesome generosity of Holy Trinity and their youth program.  Barb Kunath orchestrated this chance in getting Heather's airfare and weekend fee's covered to give her the chance to attend.  What a blessed weekend.  Haley Brown is the rectora and a dear friend to Heather so she is very excited. 

I continue my progress on my icon writing.  I hope to be completed with my first one very soon. Roy is back in class for second semester of his middler year.  So much to be thankful for. 

We have had some difficulty with cyber bullying from an ex-boyfriend and mean friends toward Heather.  So I ask your prayers for her to be strong and not allow words of people cut her self esteem.  Please, if you have children - talk to them about the power of words.  Talk to them about safe texting and cyber usage.  Also, do not think you are alone if you become a victim of cyber abuse.  The police take this seriously now.  So does the internet services.  Did you know for example, if someone creates a false facebook page about another person, uses slanderous or leud language that Facebook can and will send a notice to their internet provider and their service will/can be dropped!!  Way to go Facebook people! 

Hope you all stay warm and enjoy the weekend. 


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