Thursday, January 27, 2011

Letter from Fr. Sumani in Malawi - The Beginning Not the End

Counting down days- but we were so jealous because we wanted the mission crew to remain with us for many more days. Their stay with us has been so beneficial. The teaching from Friday to Wednesday morning was amazing. The crew mixed so well with everyone- it was like they had been here before- we loved it. Praise God for who He is.

I thank God for the fulfillment of this trip. When we first begun to talk about it, it was like building a castle in the air- but look at what the Lord has done. I am convinced that God wanted them here. My prayer is that this will be the beginning and not the end. The presence of youngsters like Shane, Mark was a testimony that God is indeed at work even in the lives of young people.

My gratitude goes to all the spouses and family members who allowed their husbands to come to Malawi. I believe the decision to come here was heavily based on trust in God. May the good Lord continue to bless you.

In Christ-service,

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