Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Mission News from Jonathan

More updates received from Malawi.  Your prayers are felt!!  Read on:

Hello All,

Quick update:
1) Spiritual warfare. If y'all were praying hard last night about 10-12pm Malawi time (seven hours later than Eastern Standard), there was some serious spiritual warfare going on... and the Holy Spirit moved in amazing ways in our team. God is awesome. And wins His battles.

2) Pilgrimage. Today we went to Likoma island, where the cathedral was built a century ago as the center of missionary work in what is now the Province of Central Africa. It was a wonderful experience -- especially considering a whole group of people pulled together a wonderful greeting for us (including tea, etc) with only a few hours' notice! Our boat had a few difficulties coming back, but all were weathered smoothly, and the lake was unusually smooth as well.  Again, your prayers were felt. (It really was a moving experience -- the hospital and school, but especially the cathedral. We are sunburned, but happy.)

3) Tomorrow we take the long drive south to Zomba and the seminary.

Travel prayers appreciated!
Faithfully in Christ,

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