Tuesday, January 18, 2011

YouthQuake article by Heather

I have been going to youth quake for four years, but this year was different.  I open up my heart to Jesus every year and get that “Jesus high” but it starts to die down and I slip back into my old routine. But this year when I got prayed over they told me to close my eyes and go to the cross, when I did God was standing there with open arms.  I started to cry, I told him about all the mistakes I’ve made and how sorry I was. He wiped my tears away and he whispered to me “shh my child, no more tears I forgive you.”   As he was speaking to me dirt started to pour into my hands and he took it from me and it disappeared and at that moment I realized that the pile of dirt was all of my sins, all my mistakes and everything I have ever done wrong.   He touched the dirt and as he did it turned into a white dove and flew away.   All of my wrong doings are gone and can’t come back again this time.   Jesus saved me this weekend.

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