Thursday, January 13, 2011

Happy New Year

WOW, time is flying by and I am still not doing a good job keeping things posted on this blog.  Luckily for the handiness of my phone and facebook I can keep up with most of you there.  So, our Christmas visit in Florida was pleasant, aside from getting sick and down for 2 days.  Unfortunately we didn't get to see everyone on our list, but we tried.  Mostly, I didn't want to spread my germs.  It was good to see Stephanie, I am so proud of her.  She has grown in to a fine respectible responsible adult and is doing great at UCF.  Missed you Cristina! 

The house is eerily quiet.  Roy left on Tuesday with 11 others on a mission trip to Malawi, Africa.  At first I must admit, I had a difficult time accepting the fact that I wasn't able to go this time.  Reality set in, and my responsibility as a mother and wife to "hold down the fort".  Now I am in full gear to support him in daily prayer and looking forward to some "me time".  Speaking of me time, it starts today.  Heather left today for the YouthQuake conference in Asheville, NC.  What an awesome spiritual program for teens!  So I am catching up on emails, coorespondence, paperwork (nice word for bills) and other stuff to do on the computer when it is usually occupied by a teen.  ha ha  Thinking I may go for a haircut after then relax with a nice salad while reading The Elements of the Spiritual Life by F.P. Harton.  This book is required reading for AT1, which resumes in 3 weeks, and I am enjoying this one thoroughly.  AT1 has been a class that Roy and I are taking together on campus.  It has lead us deeper into our spiritual journey with focus on our Rule of Life, prayer, devotions, and different aspects of our spiritual gifts. 

So as for Roy's journey to Africa.  They left on Tuesday morning and had all intentions of flying out of Milwaukee to first stop Chicago.  Well, as the weather conditions would have it, the flight was cancelled.  So they opted to rent 2 vans to drive them to Chicago to meet their connecting flight that afternoon to Dulles.  Of course, the snow followed them to Chicago and there was a 2 hour delay.  This of course, led to them missing the connecting flight in Dulles to Johannesburg.  Their first night was spent in Washington, DC instead of Dulles.  Not to worry, as their intention was to have a free first day in Mzuzu (their first mission stop in Africa) to plan the Happening curriculum; so they used the time in DC for the curriculum planning.  At least they are now prepared.  Much of the trip and work they are doing will be lead by the Holy Spirit.  The only planning of participants for the Happening event given to them was there could be 2 or 400 people in attendence.  This event is different from the US Happening in such that the age group encompasses the age group of 15 - 30 rather than just teens. I plan to update frequently with some daily mission plans for specific prayer needs.  For now, travel is the first one.  They have finally arrived in Johannesburg and will spend the night.  Tomorrow they board yet another plan to take them to Lilongwe and from their it is an 8 hour drive to Mzuzu. 

Here is a link to share on Heather's journey to YouthQuake.  Enjoy! 

That is all for now my friends.  Just wanted to give you a quick update on our life!  Blessings be to God and Glory is His name! 

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