Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Malawi Love Notes

Got an email from Roy today.  He said he loves us and misses us - and wishes he had time to email more details, but he has to share one computer with 11 people in the little bit of time that the power is on.  I was hoping on more details of his preaching, church visits, Nkhata Bay and a description of the demonstration garden.  I guess we'll have to await his return to the states for that.  He did say that tomorrow they will be traveling to southern Malawi to work with other priests teaching classes and with Fr. Sumani (previous Nashotah grad) pastoral care and healing ministry for families and individuals affected by HIV.  It is 11pm on his time zone, and I pray for peace and comfort for him as he lays his head down to sleep.  I love you too, Roy and anticipatingly await your return.  Praise God for the wonderous things you and the team are doing to expand God's kingdom, with God's help.  I am proud of you.

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