Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Mission Team has met up with Fr. Andrew and now at the seminary in Zomba

Last night Roy called around dinner time.  It was a thrill to hear his voice, of course.  I was surprised though when I started counting the time difference realizing that it was close to 1am on his time zone.  He didn't want to talk about the Spiritual Warfare that Jonathan sent us notice about yesterday.  However, he did reassure me that it had nothing to do with physical or imminent danger or harm.  Everyone was doing well, with the exception that he was struggling with missing us and being so far away and out of contact.  He only wanted to talk about us and nothing negative.  He talked to Heather for a bit too.  Thank you Charleston for access to an international phone!!!!  <3 

So when I got the forwarded email from Fr. Andrew Sumani (former son of the house) via Susan, I understood why he was calling so late.  They had been traveling all day.  Read on...

The team finally made it to Zomba. I say finally because the trip from Mzuzu to Zomba took them 14 hours- tiresome indeed. The journey normally takes 6-8 hours. But they had to use a longest distance because there is maintainance work on the shorter distance. When they arrived almost everyone was ready to go to bed. Thankfully, they did.

We think today, thursday morning, they should rest. Lunch will be provided by St. George Anglican Church- the Church where Lecturers from the College assist. Pray that they will have successful ministry in Malawi.



Well most of them were ready for bed.  :)  Keep in mind that the travel conditions are not via limo, taxi or commercial bus.  But in a cramped vehicle that Jonathan earlier described as many of them unable to stretch their legs or see out.  Today they have teaching in the seminary there on the agenda and tomorrow's agenda is visit Permaculture Sites and Evensong after classes.
Still praying everyday for you my wonderful husband.  Blessed that you are obedient to God's call and trust in him through all odds.

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