Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The important moments...

Good day blog friends!  8 days until Thanksgiving and oh, we have so much to be thankful for.  What a blessing life is when we truly take the challenge of naming something we are thankful for each and every day.  Heather's birthday has come and gone.  She is 14 now.  Amazing! How the time has flown, daddy will be teaching her to drive next year.  Funny, it is still a clear memory as yesterday when he was teaching Stephanie to drive!  The picture in this post is of her and the cake that our friend Melissa designed and baked for her special day.  Today, I would like to share the story listed in Wed Nov 18th Forward Day by Day. 
    Pilgrims visiting Poland at the beginning of the twentieth century were often told to stop and see the saintly Rabbi Israel Kagan-more commonly known as the "Chafetz Chaim."  Two pilgrims were surprised to see the rabbi lived in a simple, book-lined room, in which the only pieces of furniture were a table, a bench, and a bed.
  "Rabbi, where's all your furniture?"  the pilgrims asked.  "Why, where's yours?" asked the rabbi in reply.  "Ours? But we're just passing through," they said.  "So am I," said the rabbi, "so am I." 
  So are we all.  May we not miss the important moments and people in our lives because they do not measure up to some heavenly expectation.

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  1. I really like the last paragraph. Thanks for sharing.

    And Happy Birthday Heather! Jimmy wishes he could come over and play with you!